This is a culmination of a 2 year long Master's degree research into caves through reportage illustration. Since the summer of 2018, I’ve been following UK’s caving community, recording any cave-related activities with drawing. Sketching on-site (over-ground and underground) becomes a main tool to learning about the community, which simultaneously leads to learning about caves. I output the gathered knowledge into a fully illustrated book '(the) Cave Starter Pack', which explores questions such as: ‘what is a cave?’ ‘why are some of us drawn to caves?’ Through poetry and interactivity, it looks at the science of caves and brings attention to our human presence underground. Its main objective is to intrigue those who don’t know much about caves, as well as invite those who do to take a look at them from a different perspective.


(the) Cave Starter Pack was published as a limited edition of 22 copies, which have been hand-assembled by me. Please contact me if you would like to learn more, or if you are interested in publishing a 2nd edition.